The local BPO industry has been targeted as one of the primary sectors that can generate economic growth and has been prioritized in the Government of Jamaica’s strategic Vision 2030 plan. Currently the BPO industry in Jamaica is comprised of 34 companies, employing approximately 17,000 persons. Jamaica is now ranked as the leading outsourcing location in the English Speaking Caribbean.

The Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) has pioneered the development of this sector since 1987, primarily through its subsidiary the Montego Bay Free Zone (MBFZ) which was established in 1985. The MBFZ is the current nucleus of Jamaica’s BPO industry and is occupied mainly by overseas operators. The free zone accounts for 66% of the overseas operators in Jamaica as well as 70% of the foreign exchange earnings and employment generated.

Over the years, there has been a transition in the use of BPO facilities from data entry type operations to predominantly back office, customer service, reservation services, and receivables management. Growth in demand for these services has necessitated the provision of additional and upgraded facilities.

Project Details

PurposeThe MBFZ has been operating at full capacity since 2010 and is faced with rising demand by outsourcing companies. The immediate plan is to construct new purpose-built BPO facilities on available land within the free zone to meet current demand.
Project ScopeThe initial infrastructure was comprised of long factory type buildings laid out for the convenience of vehicular traffic, particularly large trucks, to load and unload goods. In contrast, the infrastructure project entails the construction of a new purpose-designed building suitable for BPO. The new space comprises a two storey building with a total area of 63,000 square foot (5,853 square meters).
Project BenefitsThe long-term socio-economic impact of the project includes employment generation, higher levels of foreign exchange earnings as well as economic growth and development in Montego Bay.