The Government of Jamaica has had energy diversification as an objective for some time. The 2016 introduction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in electric power generation facilitated the achievement of this objective. The demand for dedicated berthing facilities for cargo ships carrying LNG among other bulk fuel resulted in the Port Authority of Jamaica fast tracking its master development plan for the Port of Montego Bay. Additionally, the Port Authority of Jamaica leased port side lands to New Fortress Energy for the establishment of LNG facilities.

Project Details

PurposeAn agreement has been signed between the PAJ and New Fortress, the company that will supply Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd.’s (JPSCo) Bogue Power Plant, to establish an LNG storage facility at the Montego Bay Terminal.
ScopeEach week, LNG will be shipped to the facility in a dedicated LNG vessel that will off- load approximately 6,500 cubic meters of gas. The LNG will be transferred directly from the ship to storage containers, from which it will be re-gasified and transported to the JPS Bogue Power Plant by pipeline.
Project BenefitsDiversification of income and revenue growth through the importation of LNG. Reduced electricity costs over the medium to long term.